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MustSee is the fastest way to share the top photos across a new tab.Add your feedbackMikko Sivonen is the founder of Lifehacker and Geektime. He has been writing about technology since 2006, with the aim of making it easier for people to embrace new ideas and jumpstart their careers. He has extensive experience as a start-up founder and an established CTO.Pit Bull – Is it a Real Breed?Pit Bulls are making a comeback. It’s a common misconception that there used to be lots of these dogs and then they were completely gone. In reality, what was once the most popular dog in the United States is now an endangered breed. Today, around 50,000 of these dogs live in the U.S. Most of the time, when people ask if a dog is a pit bull, what they really mean is that they are black with a short thick tail and a triangular head. Just because it looks like a pit bull doesn’t mean it is a pit bull. While there is no official definition for what breeds a pit bull is, this is an often used criteria.The real pit bull is an extremely dangerous breed of dog that has been bred for centuries as a fighting dog. It’s not going to win you any points for knowing the history of the breed, but is important information to know. In many parts of the United States and Asia pit bulls were the most popular type of dog for people to have in the early to mid 20th century. They lived outside in the backyard and were raised to fight people or other larger dogs. There are pictures out there of pit bull packs on the streets that are larger than some houses.Pit Bulls were made popular again in the 1980’s in the United States. It was the 1980’s and there was a shortage of working dogs. People were looking to buy a dog that was protected, but also an efficient worker. Pit bulls are an excellent example of a breed that were bred with a specific look and purpose in mind. Since pit bulls were used for all sorts of different purposes, not just fighting, they needed to be hardy. In their natural state, they are completely covered in fur and have a very thick, protective coat. They also had to be able to carry things around, which is why they were bred with jaws that were equipped to close and lock. Pit bulls are still considered to be an extremely dangerous breed 08929e5ed8

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